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The porn industry has managed to gather a massive following over the past few years. The product offered by pornographers provides temporary relief from depression, loneliness, and anxiety. In the long run, these emotional problems, thanks to the addictive power of porn, become worse than they were before which means more business for pornographers. While porn may be innocently used to escape from certain situations, it can turn out to be an addictive behavior that ruins your life in many ways. Let us explore how porn becomes an addiction, why it is driven by lust, and how it leaves you lonelier than before.

How Does Porn Become An Addiction?

A research by the Harvard Medical School, internal and external stress can all contribute to a person relapsing into addictive behavior. When you get addicted, your amygdale (which is associated with emotions), your hippocampus (which is associated with memory), the nucleus accumbens (which is associated with high dopamine levels), and the corticotrophin hormone (which is released during stress) are all working together. As a result, your mood, the people around you, and your experiences can all trigger this network and cause the addictive behavior. This is the reason why an addict relapses after smelling a cigarette, experiencing a stressful situation, or after seeing a sexual video image.

When watching porn, dopamine, a feel-good hormone, is released in your body. The brain reacts by reducing dopamine receptors. As a result, you grow immune to things that initially excited you. Your demand for more of those things that excited you grows and the addiction becomes harder to break.

Porn is Driven By Lust and Not Love

People turn to porn not because they love it but because they are driven by lust. Scientific studies have shown that the feelings of love and lust affect different parts of your brain. Love activates the part of your brain linked to habits that are developed gradually. On the other hand, lust which is provoked by displays such as erotic videos or photos activates the part of your brain linked with desire and pleasure. This goes to show that lust is a desire to get rid of loneliness and other negative emotions and replace them with temporary pleasure.

How Porn Leaves You Lonelier Than Before

The more you view pornography, the more your brain gets used to being aroused by the fictional fantasy offered by porn. This makes it harder for you to be in a real relationship or to have feelings for a real person. Many porn viewers end up living their lives alone because they cannot have any deep connection with real people.

Furthermore since most people engage in porn secretly, they are forced to hide this habit from their friends, family, and loved ones. Porn viewers are afraid of their habits and as a result isolate those who can help them solve their innermost problems.

While the porn market is making millions for many pornographers, it is making many people’s lives miserable. Though people turn to porn to escape from a situation or certain emotions, it end ups becoming a problem when they make a habit of it. The first step in ending your addiction to porn is accepting that it only gives you temporary relief and sets you up for future permanent damage.