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The United States military has recently found itself combating a serious problem among its service members. With thousands of sexual assaults having been committed since 2012, analysts have placed increased emphasis on the link between pornography and violent behavior. Four out of every five women in the military, in fact, have reported being harassed in a sexual manner during their time in the service. While sexual assault is not unique to the military, there is growing consensus that the rigorous daily regimens associated with common military duty can cause an uptick in pornography use.

Alpha-Male Behavior and Addiction

womanThough pornography has long been prevalent in most cultures, male consumers have assumed that all other members of their sex will be equally aroused by adult pictures and videos. The ubiquity of pornography within the military often means that it becomes a fact of daily life. Male service members typically do not think twice about sharing posters, videos, magazines, and even amateur photography with others. Nutrition, exercise, and finances are all rigorously regulated, but pornography is generally allowed. In fact, some service members become addicted to porn, which can ultimately harm their performance and get them in trouble with their superior officers.

The Negative Effect on Love

Military service members who view pornography while on deployment often return to the United States with a warped sense of what it means to be in love. In fact, many individuals may come to think that violent sexual behavior toward women is the societal norm. Men may even feel that they deserve to have sex when they want, and that their wives and girlfriends should submit to intercourse even when they are not particularly interested. This ultimately leads to badly broken relationships in which one partner is subordinate to the other. Healthy romantic relationships, in fact, are best developed without porn. Military service members who avoid porn for the duration of their duty will be better able to foster relationships that will stand the test of time. Rampant porn use within the barracks will inevitably spill over into civilian life whether soldiers want it to or not.

After the Military

Individuals may experience porn-related problems once they leave the military. In fact, many men find that the freedom that comes with returning to civilian life may lead to the following problems:

  • help8Depression and anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Substance abuse
  • Lowering of productivity at work

In fact, heavy use of pornography may trigger many of the above issues, and the eventual consequences may be sexual assault or sexual harassment. Psychologists are increasingly finding that pornography can trigger both primary and secondary effects that are wide-ranging. The best solution is to avoid porn altogether.

Standing Up For Women

Porn is ultimately one of the most painfully addictive activities. It activates primal areas of the brain and forces men to focus on short-term goals instead of long-term goals. By avoiding pornography, individuals will not only be protecting themselves but also standing up for women and girls. Men will, in effect, be telling other men that women are not to be viewed as mere sex objects. Addictive behavior, especially one as negative as pornography, can thus be avoided before it causes harm to military families and their loved ones.