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The sooner we admit a fault in ourselves, the sooner we are able to fix them. In any situation where the end result is self-improvement, it is best to have a support system. Friends and family are usually the ones chosen for an individual’s support system when going through a crisis, espcially one including addiction, however, harmful advice can misguide and even strengthen addicting behaviors.

With just a quick Google search about porn, you can learn how much money the porn industry makes and even the estimated national use of porn. This topic was given the name of being “the national pastime” for a reason. It is no secret that sexual desire is natural for humans and is even meant to be very fulfilling. Unfortunately, many respond to porn adiction with disgust while some men and women are even labeled as perverts. People have lost jobs, friends, and respect just by sharing this personal behavior with the public. It is best to avoid believing the stereotype that porn, or any form of sexual expression, should be shamed and anything but openly talked about. After realizing this, you can further educate yourself and help friends, family, and community with overcoming their porn addiction.

There are more ways than one to express concern without giving lectures that lead to an individual feeling embarrased or shamed. Even if there is a surrounding judgement on their morality, withold those thoughts by simply listening and offering acceptance. Reward healthy, wanted behaviors by showing acknowledgment when not participating in behavior that keeps an addict in the addictive cycle. These bahviors may include an increase in socialization, experimenting with new hobbies, or choosing to spend time with a health professional to dicsuss and further address reasoning for engaging in their porn addiction.

Besides the assumptions that those who engage in watching porn are predators or that they should be constantly shamed, it can also be thought that porn addiction is an issue that stems from an unhappiness in relationships. It is important to be concerened if someone you care deeply about is disatisfied with something in their life, but this type of thinking should be avoided. While a partner can aggravate intimacy issues in a relationship, this should not allow a pass for destructive behaviors or violating trust. Porn addiction is a choice, being chosen over and over again, even if it is not recognized that the choice exists. Do not enable an individual by making excuses, rather encorage them to embrace their past decisions and take positive action by continuously making the choice to seek help and choose recovery instead.

Ackowledging addicting behaviors is a crucual part of recovery and so is creating healthy distractions from those behaviors. In recovery, a client can focus on their porn addiction without shifting focus to a new reality. Self improvement makes a great life and provides hope for the future but will not be an easy accomplishment if an individual is combining their addiction to their identity. Point a struggling person to their vision for life. Ask about career goals, hobbies, and anything else they might do in their spare time without addiction.